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Beautiful Boy (2018)

I recently watched the film ‘Beautiful Boy‘, featuring Timothee Chalamet (Nic) and Steve Carrell (David), and it has quickly become one of my favourite films.

Throughout the film, the production design was subtle but extremely effective in conveying the many moods and scenarios. The plot follows a teenage drug addict and the affect that this has on him and his family, so there are many different locations; house, rehab, alleyways. The main location, the house, was my favourite. The kitchen and office particularly had a very family orientated and ‘lived in’ feel.

Nic’s room however is quite different to the rest of the house. His walls are darker, the vibe is more rough and distressed and there is very little sunlight. This is in contrast to the bright, open, big window-ed rooms in the rest of the house.

Nic in his bedroom

Ethan Tobman was the production designer for this film. He has also worked on films/ tv series such as ‘The Menu’, ‘Room’ and ‘Pam and Tommy’, aswell as music videos for Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar and Ariana Grande.


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